Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Countdown is on...

The countdown is on for the New Catalogue launch.  Everything goes live on June 1st!
I can't wait.
As a demonstrator, I get to preorder some items so I have time to play and prepare for upcoming events.
I haven't had as much time as I have wanted lately because this time of year is busy at work and I have been busy with family time things...

Like going to poutine fest in Ottawa...

Like going to my son's spring musical concert.

Of course you understand that family time is a priority for me so you'll forgive me that I don't have a hoard of new samples from the new catalogue to share yet.
Actually, I"m just giving you time to make sure you focus on getting all the retiring product you need before they are gone!!!
(check what's retiring on my online store)

However, this week I plan to play with the Soft Sayings kit.  It's the new all inclusive kit that will be in the new catalogue.
I plan to play with it in Scotland.
Yes...I'm travelling again.
The story is that there were three of us that were great friends and roommates when we studied at Queen's University.  One of us decided to pursue her PhD in Scotland and now works there and is married to a Scotsman.
The two of us here in Ontario decided it was high time that we had a roommate reunion so we are flying out to Scotland today.

Here are photos of us circa 1993 and 2007.  (top photo is 2007 and below is 1993).  We've brought our Queen's sweatshirts so we can take another photo!

How shall I fulfill my crafting cravings when they hit and I am not home near the craft cave?  A kit is a perfect answer.  I'm sure there will be down time that I can sit and craft.  Just wait, I'll come home with 20 beautiful cards!

For today's watch it Wednesday you can start getting excited about the new catalogue by watching the video below on the Soft Sayings Kit.

Thanks for dropping in!

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