Friday, January 27, 2017

Just something funny

I thought I would share a funny story that happened last weekend at the Canadian Business Conference.

I have a friend named Kristine Burns who I met at my very first Stampin' Up! event many many many years ago.
She lives in Calgary and we have always stayed in touch through catching up at the various Stampin' Up! events.  We even had the opportunity to connect even more since we have been serving together on the Canadian Strategy Team.

The convention that I was called up and appointed to the Advisory Board was very exciting.  Many people would come up to me and congratulate me on my achievements and on the appointment to the board.  When I saw Kristine at that convention she told me many people had come up to her and congratulated her as well. Then she would have to break the news to them that they were mixing her up with me.

We still joke about how people mix us up even though we don't think we look anything alike.  I guess there just aren't many Asian people in Stampin' Up!  so it's easy to get us confused?

Well at the Canadian Business conference I had the pleasure of meeting a demonstrator named Linda Yamamoto.  We actually participate in a monthly virtual swap together but we've never actually met each other (or we probably have but I couldn't remember).  Anyway, I happened to mention that people get Kristine mixed up with me and Linda told me the same thing has happened to her as well.

I guess it's that Asian connection.

At the end of the conference last week Dale had some demonstrators stand up and share what they enjoyed.  Someone (who shall remain unnamed in this post) stood up and shared about how she loved that Genevieve shared the flex point calculator.  Three Asian girls in the room started giggling because we all knew it wasn't Genevieve that shared that information at was Kristine!

So we made sure to take a photo of the three of us together.  My friend and downline Zahra suggested we should have a hastag.
Maybe #itsgenevievebutitsnot
or how about

What do you think?  Do you think we look alike?


  1. People are so funny. You three don't look alike at all. LOL!

  2. haha :) It's not so bad....there are worse things I could be called?!!!