Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Thank You Party

Yesterday was my customer appreciation event.  It was a blast!  I'm glad I took some photos in the beginning because it got super busy later and I forgot to take any more! I wish I had though.
Next time at my events I'll have to have a helper just in charge of taking pictures!

I wanted to do whatever I could to make the event special because I am truly grateful to everyone who comes to stamp with me.
I know my fun stamping business would be NOTHING without people...and I may be biased...but I think I have the BEST customers a Stampin' Up! demonstrator could ask for.  In fact I don't even like the word me I have had to privilege to meet and stamp with a lot of wonderful FRIENDS.

To all of you who came, and to those who weren't able to, thank you for your support this past year.  I know it is not a small thing for me to have been named by Stampin' Up! as the #1 demonstrator in Canada this past year and my family and I wanted to say Thank You!   We are so grateful to you and to a very generous God!

Here's some photos!

What's a thank you party without gifts?

And food...Isn't this chocolate fountain fun?

Of course my whole family had to be involved in the running of the event. Part of the fun for me is seeing my whole family get ready for the event in their own way.  My daughter was in charge of  setting up and serving and replenishing the snacks and drinks.  She loves to bake and cook and I had to smile because I told her that based on the chocolate fountain instructions, we were supposed to melt the chocolate in the microwave.  She told me that microwave melting was not as effective as using a double boiler on the stove.  I told her I did not have a double boiler (I don't even know what one is) but she made something with a bowl in a pot on the stove and melted the chocolate in there.  As you can see it was very smooth and creamy.

My youngest son was in charge of the raffle station.  He knew in advance this was his job and took it very seriously.  As soon as he woke up yesterday morning, he came and asked me for the raffle prizes and a table and a tablecloth so he could begin setting up his station.  He created a very cute instruction list and then boxed himself in with two tables and the piano so that he could only enter his station by crawling under the table.  It was hilarious.

My oldest son was in charge of taking coats and handing out welcome gifts and the class schedule at the door. There is no funny story for him except I know it is way out of his comfort zone to talk to tons of adults...but he did it...with his phone in his hand and earbuds in his ears. sigh.  (Teenagers!)

My wonderful husband, Kevin, did whatever he could think of to help.  He made up a little direction sign...

and I had him set up and man the BOGO table.  He is excellent at the bogo table because he is able to explain the process to everyone and he is very quick at mental math (unlike me) so he can quickly add everything up.

This event was also meant to give a sneek peek of the spring and sale-a-bration catalogues so of course I had some stamping projects ready and people knew they could order from the catalogues so I could input the orders first thing on January 4th when everything goes live.

Don't miss going to my online store on January 4th to see everything new or head there now for your last chance to grab the year end closeout deals!

What a great day yesterday!  A huge shout out to a couple of Team S.T.I.C girls, Priti and Sherri who were great helpers down in the craft cave while everyone was working on the make n takes. 

I'm off to enjoy some rest time with my family for a few days but first Monday of the month technique class is still on  for January 2nd (but I'm only doing a 7pm session) so RSVP today!  We are going to be doing different window cards (including a magic slider card!)   


  1. Genevieve, thank you for the warmth and graciousness with which you hosted such a terrific event. Obviously, a lot of thought and care went into the preparations, resulting in a truly awesome experience for us. I was most impressed with the involvement and commitment of your entire family, it was very heart-warming. The energy of your guests was palpable and it is a tribute to you that everyone was so social, cordial and pleasant as we all eagerly sought out amazing deals. I feel very fortunate to have your guidance and support for my Stampin Up projects. You have a genuine care for your clients and it is a wonderful feeling, knowing you are always willing and able to help. I wish you all the very best personally and professionally in 2017!

  2. Thank you Genevieve, and your whole family, for the opportunity to participate in your fabulous, frenzied, fun event! The cards we created are gorgeous and inspiring. I can't wait to start creating with the new spring line (especially the dragonflies)! Three cheers!