Monday, November 14, 2016

Crafting for Christmas

 For today's mojo Monday I wanted to share what I have been crafting for Christmas.

I have been making the lovely Forever Evergreen Project Kit.  I admit I was a bit intimidated when I saw this kit in the catalogue.  It just looked complicated to me.
What inspired me to purchase and assemble it was that someone asked me to do a private class for them using this kit.
Of course I agreed because stamping with other people is way more fun than doing it on my own.

I discovered it wasn't as hard as I imagined!  I should have had more faith in this great Stampin' Up! kit!

My favourite part is the glittery star! These photos really don't do justice to how cool these trees look in real life! 

I also did a little crafting to get ready for a craft show I had this past weekend.  I used the test tubes from the September Paper Pumpkin refills and filled them with skittles.
Just to make it a little silly and fun I filled the tubes with only red skittles and labelled them as spare noses.
I also did test tubes that only had brown skittles and labelled them as reindeer poop.
The reindeer from the Cookie Cutter Christmas Set seemed a good fit for these little treats!
If you can think of a fun way to use all the yellow, green and orange skittles I have left, please let me know!

I like to keep my vendor fair tables simple.  I enjoy crafting a few things for the table but certainly can't invest the time to craft insane amounts of things for the table. I did sell a few spare noses and reindeer poop this past weekend.  :-)

I hope these photos inspire you to do some Christmas crafting this week! If you need any supplies, make sure to head to my online store
Thanks for dropping in! 

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