Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tip Thursday...The Fine Tip Glue

Have you used the Fine Tip glue pen before? (item 138309).  It's only $9.00 and is perfect for putting on little sequins or putting some glue on the back of those skinny die cuts.
The fine tip gives a lot of precision.  It is certainly a VERY fine tip!
If you've used it you know that the tip has a very small opening for your precision glue needs.  The brilliant design of the glue is that the lid has a small needle like point that inserts into the fine opening in order to prevent the glue from drying in the fine tip barrel.
This tiny needle is extremely helpful but it can be a tricky endeavor to actually get that tiny needle into the tiny opening.

For today's tip Thursday I want to tell you a little secret I learned from a customer who was a nurse in her past life.
She said to use a finger to help guide the needle in.
It makes closing the lid of the fine tip glue a whole lot easier!
You're welcome.  :-)  Now the time that you've saved can be used in other great was such as creating a cute project or browsing my online store.

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