Friday, September 16, 2016

Dimensionals in strange places

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found dimensional backings in strange places.

I use dimensionals so much on my projects but I don't worry where I toss the dimensional backing.  It's just a little thing...

Well, it's not unusual to find tons on my craft room floor.
Finding them on my craft room floor would be a normal place to find them since that is where I craft.

However, I once woke up my son for school and he rolled over in bed and plain as day there was a dimensional backing on his forehead!!!  Truth!  So funny!

Another time I was walking at Canada's wonderland and I kept feeling like there was something in my shoe.  I took off my shoe several times to check but couldn't find anything.
Finally, I took off my shoe AND sock right there on a bench in Canada's wonderland.  Yes.  There was a dimensional backing in my sock.  I was giggling.

Where is the strangest place you have found dimensional backings?  Inquiring minds want to know! 
Have a great weekend! 

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