Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer days

Summer at the Ko household is a special time. For my husband and I, our day jobs are more relaxed and having the kids off school means bedtimes are more relaxed too. (Although since the kids have been getting older, the bedtime routines have been going down the toilet anyway)
I've been trying to take more pictures because I am realizing that time with my family is so precious and I don't want to miss a moment and I want to capture the photos mainly to memorialize my feelings of gratitude. I truly have been blessed by an amazing and generous God!

Summer can't officially start unless I take the kids out of school and go do something fun.  The kids felt very excited that they were "skipping" school.  

Strawberry picking is also an annual summer tradition for us.  This year we met up with some old university friends.  We reminisced about old times and laughed about how Janet and Brian first met and my wedding. 

Although Kevin still had to work last week, he had time for lunch dates.  We had two last week!  What a treat! 

Since I tend to have a little more time in the summer, I signed up for a bible study at church.  I watched a video giving a whirlwind pictoral summary of the first two books of the bible. I couldn't believe how a pictoral, animated summary could be so much more enthralling than just the usual reading of the bible.    I sipped my grape pop and thought "this is the life!"

Another lunch date!  This time I met with my friend Gloria.  We were university roomates (university was a really long time ago!) I so appreciate these lasting friendships.  Our friendship hasn't faded one bit and we laughed, talked, cried and just generally shared our lives together over a meal of gyros and greek salad. 

We haven't done it in a while but summer seemed like the perfect time to have the kids cook dinner once in a while.  The youngest kid was enthusiastic to make dinner last night.  He cooked up tacos and also asked us to all be seated in the dining room so he could take drink orders.  It was hilarious.  He was adamant that we were not supposed to get up to serve ourselves anything but his service was so slow.  He could only carry one thing at a time and tacos have a lot of toppings.  However, partway through he gave up on the service part and told us we could get our own food from the kitchen because he was hungry and wanted to eat!

I hope you too are enjoying summer days

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