Saturday, June 18, 2016

So Sweet

The word that comes to mind to describe my past few days is "sweet"  I hope you will indulge me as I share all my sweet moments with you.

First, on Thursday I received "happy mail".  I love receiving a hand stamped card but this one was a special surprise because it was from Donna Griffith.  She is a staff member at the Stampin' Up! office and we got to know each other better when I presented last year as she was involved in co-ordinating all my preparations and rehersals. I was very surprised to receive a birthday card from her!
I thought it was super sweet of her to take the time to send me a card.

In order to share my next sweet moment, I need to take you back to last July when I attended the Stampin' Up! convention with about 12 Team S.T.I.C girls.  Check out our adventures from past blog posts
It was at this convention that Stampin' Up! announced that the next Stampin' Up! incentive trip would be to Phuket, Thailand.  How exotic!  I knew I would continue to enjoy my stampin business with passion and would be making it a goal to earn the trip.  The earning period for the trip would be from October 2015 through September 30th 2016.  My friend Zahra was inspired by the trip announcement and spent the plane ride home setting her goals to earn the trip.

I am excited to share that I earned enough points for the Thailand trip early this year in January.  I was super excited because the plan is that my husband will come with me on the trip in 2017. I didn't announce my achievement too much because I was watching and waiting for Zahra to earn it too. I have seen Zahra grow so much as a demonstrator and a leader. As the months went by and I saw her efforts and commitment to her customers and her team, I was confident that she would earn the trip. 
I'm happy to report that she earned enough points this past week. She celebrated by ordering Thai take out for her team meeting this week.
Zahra invited me to her team meeting and I got to see her team shower her with congratulations and gifts and love because they were celebrating her achievement with her. It was so beautiful and sweet and made me teary as I know all the hard work and heart that goes into running a stampin business, it was nice to see her being recognized by her peeps.
The following day was birthday!
Check out the gifts I received:
My son got me poutine flavored chips and a cardmaking magazine. :) he knows what his mama likes!

My daughter made a cake for me.

And my husband took me away for a night downtown. We enjoyed Friday night live at the museum and then slept overnight in a hotel and enjoyed lunch at a place in yorkville.

This moroco chocolat restaurant had delicious food and decadent sweets. 
I will need to go back just for the desserts.

It turns out the hostess at the restaurant was a former student at the school my husband previously worked at so she treated us to some macarons on the house. 

See what I mean?  So many sweet moments this week.  Thank you for letting me share. 


  1. Sound like an awesome week! And I´m sure, no I´m sure, it´s well deserved! :)

    1. Thanks Constanze! hope you are having a good week too!