Thursday, June 16, 2016

Label Your Ink Pads: Tip Thursday

Have you ever looked at the bottom of your ink pads?
The bottom looks like this:
These are stickers that can be used to label your ink pads.  Just peel it off. 

Then flip your ink pad over and place it like this and right on the edge you can place the sticker to label your ink pad so you can identify the colour easily when your ink pads are stacked up.

You may be thinking that you totally knew that tip.  If you did, hooray!  However, there's been a number of times when I've seen people's ink pads and they don't have them labelled.  Gasp!
It's so easy to do...go ahead and start today!

Since I was showing off my sweet sugarplum ink pad, I thought I'd show you a pretty card highlighting this colour.  This was a swap card I received from my friend Cynthia.  I tried to organize a small swap on the cruise and it was fun.  However, an incentive trip is probably not the best place to try to organize a swap because everyone is so busy vacationing and relaxing, several people forgot to show up for the swap! Cynthia was happily eating dinner when she suddenly realized she was supposed to be swapping in my stateroom so she came running in panting bringing this beauty.  Yes, it was worth the wait.  :-)  I liked it so much we made it at our recent stamp camp.

Hope you enjoyed today's tip!  

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