Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mediterranean Cruise Highlights: Achievers Blog Hop

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for dropping by as I play along in the June Mediterranean Achievers Blog Hop.  The theme for this month is Mediterranean Cruise highlights. There is a list below so you can enjoy and visit the blogs of other achievers as they share their highlights.
 I thought this was going to be an easy blog post to make since I had a most wonderful time and there were so many highlights.  However, it wasn't as easy as I thought!  As I looked through all my photos, I couldn't figure which ones to share!

The places we visited were truly fabulous.  I have now actually seen the leaning tower of pisa in person!  I have also walked in the Colosseum and seen the ruins of Pompeii.  It was really amazing but seeing these sights are things lots of people have experienced.  Just call your local travel agent and I'm sure they will be able to book you a trip to the Mediterranean as well.

However, what made the trip truly extra special was the extra Stampin' Up! touches and friendship.
These are some of my favourite pictures.  I say some because almost every picture has a story or memory attached to it but I just picked a few for you to see.  I want to express that what makes the incentive trip a truly unique experience is the people.  Here are some of the beautiful people that I enjoyed spending time with

Dale Hampshire and his wife Carla.  

Dale was kind enough to arrange an evening of dinner with all the Canadian achievers together and we received a lovely scarf and handmade card as a gift from the Canadian office in recognition of our achievement. (see what I mean by the special Stampin' Up! touches?)

I also love how the Stampin' Up! corporate team are so accessible and friendly and willing to chat with us.  Here's Sara Douglass CEO posing for a picture with me just because I asked and she's still smiling even though I am interrupting her breakfast!  :-)

The incentive trip is one of the few times where I can see stampin' up friends that I have met over the years at different conferences or other incentive trips. These friends are spread all over the world so the opportunity to visit in person does not come very often.  That's why I love earning the incentive trip.  It's a luxury trip with friends!   Here is my friend Megumi from near Seattle.

Even my son made a new friend that he enjoyed goofing around with. 

What can I say? The memories on this trip are priceless.  It all started with my buying a stampin' up starter kit.  I bought the kit to enjoy a discount on the crafting products I loved but I ended up with so so so much more. If you've ever considered the Stampin' Up! experience, now is the time.  Just until June 30th there is a special on the Stampin Up! starter kit where you can choose two free stamp sets on top of the already great kit deal (choose $165 worth of product for only $135, no shipping and no tax in Ontario) Why not begin your journey for saving money, earning money and being a part of a super fun community? 

To end this post, I'd like to share a video I've shared before.  It still makes me laugh when I watch it.  It is the video that I took on my phone at the Stampin' Up! convention when they announced the incentive trip. I think everyone is excited because anyone in the Stampin' Up! family can earn a Stampin' Up! incentive trip just by setting it as a goal and working steadily at it.  Enjoy this week's watch it Wednesday video and make sure to hop on over to the next person on the blog hop list below!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing your highlights Genevieve :) I'd forgotten about that excited were we?!!

  2. Always wonderful to spend time with you my friend! Missed seeing Kevin this time around, but Nathaniel was a pretty darn good substitute. Hope he enjoyed himself too! Happy Canada Day and enjoy the weekend ahead. God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  3. So much fun!!! So glad I got to see you. Here's to many happy memories.

  4. Gen, I love your photos!!!! I wish I had taken more photos with friends!!! It was so fun seeing you on the cruise!!!