Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Stampin Scrub

Just thought I would share some tips on using the Stampin' Scrub.  The stampin' scrub is an essential tool because when you have stamps, you should clean your stamps to keep your stamp cases clean and your ink pad colours pure.

Here's what the stampin' scrub looks like.  You'll also need the stampin' mist.

One of the corners will have a picture of tear drops, the other will have a sunshine.  On the tear drop side of the pad, spray some of the stampin' mist.  This mist has a conditioner in it so that your rubber stamps will not dry and crack over time. 
Stamp off your stamp on a scrap paper then rub it on the moist pad. 
To dry the stamp, rub it on the sunshine side of the pad.  
Ta Dah!  Your stamp will be all clean. 

That's it!  That's how easy it is to clean your stamps.  After lots of stamping, your scrub pads will be dirty so that's when it's time for a wash. 
The pads pop out of the frame.  I just run them under some warm water and rub with a little soap and rinse them off.  You'll see all the old ink pouring down the drain with the water. 
Keep rinsing until the water runs clear.  I then just lean them against my sink and let them drip dry for a day. 
The next day I just pop them back into the plastic stampin' scrub case and they are back in action. 

If you don't have a stampin' scrub, you need to put it on your wish list.  Why not buy it before the prices go up in the new catalogue on June 1st. 
Don't forget you'll get a free NEW catalogue from me with any order of $25 or more in May or June. 

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