Saturday, April 16, 2016

On Stage Happenings

So much has happened since the Stampin Up convention (called On Stage) has started. Here's some pictures to give you a feel of what it's like.

First on the agenda was a home office tour.  This is where big decisions are what stamps will not make the new catalogue, or what the new in colours will be.

This is also where there warehouse is so all those beautiful stampin up boxes filled with stampin' supplies are shipped from here.  

In case you thought the home office would be an industrial, cold looking facility, here's some pictures.

Just like Stampin' Up! products, the office is beautiful and makes you feel right at home.

The spa even had a special shower with 17 shower heads.  The staff member said it was like a human car wash.  I couldn't help but try it of course.  I ended up laughing hysterically because there were so many jets and so many knobs to control each jet, I was overwhelmed and stunned as I didn't know which knob would activate which jet and water would come spraying unexpectedly at me.  
Okay.  You just had to be there. It's too hard to describe the hysterical laughing. 

The next day the general session began.  It's not a boring or dry experience.  It is exactly the opposite.  There was a live band to welcome us.  We dance to the energetic music as we mingle around and swap cards with others.  We find old friends and squeal and hug and exchange handmade gifts and cards.  We meet new friends too! 
There is a whole crazy Stampin' culture.  It's quite common to see girls on the same team wearing team shirts.  These team shirts cracked me up.  In case you can't read it, it says:
I'm so crafty I sweat glitter.

It's absolutely impossible to be unhappy at a Stampin' Up! convention.

Speaking of meeting old friends, I saw the camera man that was working when I was presenting at the convention last July.  Having done my presentation over and over again last July, I sure saw Dennis the camera man a lot.
We both immediately recognized each other!
What's a Stampin' Up! event without prize patrol?  We all got a button with a Stampin' Up! colour.  My colour was called first so I won the very first prize patrol!  (Sorry I'm bound by policy to not show any new catalogue stuff so I can't show my prize!)

Myself with Mindy and my friend Linda from Kansas who I've dubbed honourary Team S.T.I.C  :-)

The evening was a beautiful formal dinner at the Grand America hotel. 

Last night someone organized a dinner just for those who have served on Stampin' Up!'s  Advisory Board over the years. It was a fun 70's theme.  Check out the cute treat box favours using the beautiful ride stamp set in the spring catalogue. 

Can't forget the swapping....I got some amazing samples!  Can't wait to show you!
Myself and Dawn Griffith holding up numbers to represent the year we served on the Advisory board.

Today is the last day, I'll be heading home tomorrow armed with the new catalogue and loads of project ideas.  If you want to be one of the first to see the new catalogue and play with the goodies, make sure to sign up for the June New Catalogue stamp camp.  
Also, club members and past hostesses, mark your calendar for June 5th for the annual Hostess appreciation event!

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