Sunday, November 29, 2015

Craft Show Blitz

Tis the season of holiday craft shows.  I have done a real string of them lately.
Often I feel pretty nervous about these craft shows because I love the things I make and I think they are wonderful and beautiful and priceless.
It almost seems offensive to put them on a table to sell.  It's even more offensive as people walk by and don't even stop.  REALLY?  You don't think my Santa french fry boxes are the cutest things in the world???
I don't understand.

However, I tell myself I can't blame them.  They just don't know the joy that stamping and creating can bring and that's why I have to get out there and share.

Here's my booth from the church bazaar I was at last weekend.  (NOTE to self:  Don't keep stuff under the table because it looks really messy!)
I didn't sell a single santa french fry box but that's okay.  I don't have to restock for the next fair in a few weeks!  Smile.

Although I start off nervous at these fairs, once I meet a few people and have them try a little stamping at my booth, I feel a lot better and can't wait to see who I get to share stamping with next. 
If you ever see me at a fair, please come over and say hello! 

Only one day left for the amazing sale! (yes, the fry box die is on the list!) 
Visit my online store today to browse! 

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