Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cornerstone Centre

There's been a lot of excitement in our lives that last many months as our church community has been opening a new building.  You can read about our story HERE

One particular day this summer was memorable for me because we had a church wide work day to get everything ready for opening.  We unwrapped a lot of chairs...each chair was individually cellophane wrapped!  We also were out in the dirt picking up large rocks and debris so that the landscaper could lay the sod. Others were moving furniture, unpacking new items and so much more.  It was a great day!

We topped it off with a bbq lunch at the building.  I knew one of the planned activities for the community would be weekly dinners so it was so cool to be at the church for the first meal ever. 

Cornerstone officially opened its doors in September!  What a celebration!  We had always envisioned this building to be a gift to the community.  A building where everyone in the community would be welcome and where we could serve people wherever they are in life stage or spiritual journey. 

Many of us came out for the first Open Table Thursday dinner.  It's a casual meal where you can hang out and eat.  There's lots of table room so the kids can do homework or play ball.

Throughout the week there are different recreational programs that anyone can register for and enjoy.  I offered to volunteer to run a kids crafting class.  The class was held after open table Thursday so we ate dinner and then crafted.  Such fun! Tomorrow we'll be doing Christmas cardmaking in the cafe.  (in case you wondered why the class was such a great price for 12's because any classes I run at Cornerstone the cost is a supply cost only. I volunteer my time) 

For today's watch it Wednesday here's an animated walk through the building.  Come out and visit!  We'd love to meet you there! 
Thursdays are fabulous because it saves you from cooking dinner.  Thursdays are now my most favourite day!!! :-)

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