Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Ladies Retreat

Just thought I would share some photos from the Ladies Retreat this past weekend.  My goal for the weekend is to give women the space an time to do what they normally don't get the opportunity to do at home when the pressures of life are upon them.
This means some women knit, some scrapbook, some stamp, and some go the hotel room and take naps.
It's all good!
I also aim for some little pampering touches like these handmade nametags.

  I love seeing friends enjoy time together talking and laughing.

You know you're in the right place when you start trying to fussy glue sequins onto a project and a lady comes and brings you a magnifer with a lamp to help facilitate your crafting project.  

The registration fee includes snack breaks too.  We need the energy to keep crafting!

The unfortunate stress of the weekend was that one lady had a nut allergy and ate a cake that had nut icing.  Thank God for the epi pen and a nearby hospital.  She was back before the evening ended and kept right on crafting! Her caring friends crafted her a special name tag badge. We all laughed and was so glad that she was okay.

The work to prepare and run a weekend retreat is certainly quite extensive so on the way home I stopped to treat myself to a little something special.  This is a green tea frappucino with a whole lot of whipped cream.  Yum! 
I don't mind the months of preparation and the weekend away from the family when I see the fun that the ladies have. 

Still, nothing beats coming home when I've been away.  Actually, the best part of going away is coming home.  This was the sign on the door when I came home.
Best handcrafted item I saw all weekend!

Have you been wanting to get away and give yourself the permission and time to relax? 
Then register today for the next Ladies Retreat weekend. 
It will be the weekend of April 1-3 (NO joke!)
An $85 deposit will reserve your spot. 
Contact me to register! 

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