Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boston, Strawberries and China

I love summer. It's a time for our family to enjoy time together and special experiences.
Hubby and I just returned from a quick getaway to Boston. It was no special occasion. Just simply an aeroplan points promotion that allowed us to fly on 2 for 1 points. Having never been to Boston I didn't know what to expect and I was too busy finishing off work and the kids end of school activities that I couldn't plan a thing.  If you know me well, you would know that structure and order and planning make me happy.  I feel safe when there is a plan.  I'll admit the day before we left I was feeling a tad concerned that there was no plan.  We just had air tickets and a hotel.  I threw some clothes in a suitcase, slept for three hours before being awakened to head off in the dark for the airport.
When landing in Boston anxiety level rose a couple of notches as I dragged my suitcase through the airport and then in an unfamiliar subway system.  However, once we made it to the hotel and then discovered the subway route to downtown Boston, I felt a lot better.  In downtown Boston there are tourists everywhere and we had fun exploring the city.
Here we are at the harbour area.

The very first order of business was to eat seafood, especially lobster. This was my first meal in Boston and I still think about it...drooling. Look at those huge chunks of lobster!
I learned a lot about American history while in Boston but really the highlight was the food. Here we are at a restaurant called the Barking Crab.  I decided to order crab cakes.  It only seemed right.  :-)

Once we got back home to Canada, I had it in my mind we had to go strawberry picking.  It was amazing picking!  The berries were so red and juicy and sweet and plentiful.  We had a full bucket in a short time.  I am certain that my oldest son spent more time eating the berries instead of putting them in the bucket.  His story was that if the berries weren't PERFECT, then they couldn't go in the bucket to take home, but he couldn't waste them either so into his mouth they went.

And because I can't resist sharing stamping with you, I wanted to share some pictures from a recent event.  Someone had asked me to do the kids crafts at an event for parents who have all adopted from China.  The organizer had thought it would be great for the kids to make some kind of heritage journal that they could use when they travel back to China.  Of course I thought it was such a great and meaningful idea!  I was a bit stumped as to how I was going to make the project China themed because Stampin' Up! doesn't really have any Chinese stamps but I knew there was a way...

I was able to snatch up the This N' That journals that were on sale in May and the kids made divider pages in the journal to mark different sections that they might want to document in their travels.

This is the divider for the "Food" section.  The bowl is actually created using the Note Tag punch.

And this was the divider for the Sightseeing section

Papercrafting and Stamping is so perfect for so many occasions and events.  Don't hesitate to contact me for your next gathering.  I'll bring all the supplies and make it a fun event for you and your gang! 

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  1. How cute! I adore Asian/Chinese stamps; have a few which I've purchased from other companies. Not long ago I did a Chinese/Asian themed pocket letter for a friend who has an adopted granddaughter from China. It was so much fun making it. Fyi: not long ago I purchased a bamboo embossing folder from ( I think it was) A.C. Moore or Joann's. Are you familiar with Art Neko? They have some wonderful Asian stamps. They have a website if you want to check it out. It's their name plus dot com. TFS!