Friday, May 15, 2015

Sights of Hawaii!

Yesterday the plan was to do nothing.  The only thing on the agenda was a meet and greet with the corporate team in the evening.
Just thought I would share some of the pictures from yesterday.
Every day breakfast is served in a large banquet hall.  The fresh watermelon and pineapple is my favourite.

  Since the plan was to do's pictures of us doing nothing except relaxing by the pool.

Then after doing nothing at the pool, Kevin and I decided to walk around the markets and streets.  I found it so strange that I kept seeing obama souvenirs.  Obama beach towels, obama key chains etc.  I think Obama must have been from Hawaii at some point.  Really?  It's appropriate to have the president of the united states on a miniture key chain wearing a lei?
When I saw the obama bobble heads I nearly killed myself laughing.  

Where can you buy your obama hawaii souvenirs?  At an ABC store of course.  ABC stores are all over hawaii.  It seems there is one ABC store every few minutes of walking.  ABC stores sell everything from deli sandwiches, t shirts, postcards, soft drinks and...obama trinkets.  

Kevin seems to be having a good time.
The daily pillow gifts are such a treat!  Yesterday I received a Hawaiian quilted cosmetic bag.

The evening meet and greet was on the 29th floor of the hotel in the presidential suite.  Here's the view from the 29th floor.

Here were the yummy desserts.  Do you spy what's in the middle?
Yummy Macarons!!!!
I had a great time chatting with the corporate team members.  Here's a picture with Amy Swartz (VP of marketing and sales) and Sara Douglass (interim CEO)
And of course lots of laughs with Dale Hampshire (Canadian Business Manager) and his wife Carla.

Feeling so grateful to be here!  More later!

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