Monday, March 16, 2015

Sweet Farewell, Enthusiastic Hello

Sorry for the absence the past few days!  There has been lots going on.  My eldest son and hubby left on Friday and Saturday respectively for a service mission to Bluefields Nicaragua.
On the Thursday night before Ethan's departure, we went out to dinner as a family to enjoy time together.  It was so sweet to see Ethan saying his goodbyes to his siblings when it was their bedtime. (as he would be leaving in the morning before they woke up).  He hugged and tickled his little brother goodnight.  Sister Michelle came and brought him a card she had made and the message inside was so cute.  It said:
 "Dear Ethan and Daddy, We will miss you a lot.  I hope you have a safe travel and serve well for the children.  Love Michelle"

I have no idea why her grammer on the note sounds like English is not her mother tongue but anyway, I thought it was still sweet.  I loved Ethan's response.  Most of the time when he talks to his sister he snaps at her and mostly sounds irritated by her.  This time he smiled and said things like "wow did you make this card?  thank you so much"  It seemed very unlike him but very mature.

Here he is heading off to the airport in the early morning. He met a number of other team members at the airport as they were flying together.

Please read their blog to see their adventures and service work.

After speed skating that evening, I headed back to the airport to pick up my friend Christi and her daughter.  It was so exciting that she came to visit Toronto and spend some of March break with us! 
See some of the history of our friendship and our daughters friendship HERE

Our touristy outings included the CN tower, Ripley's aquarium and Niagara falls.
The girls are inseparable.  See the picture where they are walking with linked arms!

So much more to share but just wanted to give a little update on what I've been up to!

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