Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blessed to give

Each year it is a tradition for our church to visit the local hospital and sing Christmas carols.
This year was no exception.  I can't put into words what a joy it is to do this simple service. 
It's not fancy. A group of us go, we knock on patients doors and ask if they would like us to sing and if so, we just sing. No 4 part harmony or anything, we just sing familiar carols like Silent Night, Joy to the World etc. 
it's amazing how simple familiar Christmas carols can touch peoples hearts. I know some patients shed a few tears. I always think: "I'm supposed to be doing this as a service to the people who are in the hospital but seeing their grateful hearts and hearing them sing along makes me always feel like I am the one being served by them!
Here's a couple of pictures of us as we are making the gifts that we give to the patients and of us singing. 

We gave away all the ornaments we made  but here is a picture of one similar, I got the idea from one we made at Founders Circle. Super easy and super cute. Just curl some all is calm dsp and then use the wonderful wreath framleits to cut out the words and I used the adhesive transfer sheets to adhere to the ornament. 

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