Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ziplining in Phuket

I know I've had many exceptional experiences on this trip but I have to say this canopy flying adventure  in Phuket was the best.  We went last Thursday. ( I know I am super behind sharing everything with you but I'm trying to catch up!)

Kevin and I signed up for this excursion not knowing exactly what to expect but it was quite an experience!
We hiked into the jungle until we reached the first platform and we flew from zip line to zip line.  There must have been about 25 ziplines that we did and we also did rope drops and bridges.

At first I screamed as it feels pretty scary to be flying over the trees but I remembered what the tour guide said: "trust the equipment" . So, after the first few I got used to being pushed off a platform into the air and enjoyed the speed and breathtaking views.
Our experienced guides loved to crack jokes and keep us laughing.

I'm so glad we decided to invest in the video since it gives some good footage of our experience.
There was even side by side ziplines so Kevin and I could go together holding hands and of course our guides challenged us to kiss while we were zipping along!

Enjoy watching the video and I'll post some pictures below!

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