Thursday, July 6, 2017

Travel Day

I have arrived! Thank you so much to those of you who texted, emailed, facebooked  to wish myself and my husband a great trip. 
It was a very long travel day as altogether it took about 24 hours to get from Toronto Pearson airport to the Phuket, Thailand airport.  I am so thankful that our travels were super smooth. No significant delays, no lost  luggage, everything on the plane was functional....(I have been on planes where the entertainment system is broken and I couldn't imagine the 16 hour flight without a working tv) 
Our luggage was ready for the flight with our special stampin up luggage tags! 

It was great that my team stic member Zahra also earned this incentive trip and was on the same flight as kevin and I to Hong Kong where she would transfer off to Bangkok and kevin I would head to Phuket. We plan to meet back up in Phuket on Sunday once the official stampin Up portions begins. 
Here we are at Toronto airport working on our swaps. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute) 

The pampering began right from our first interaction with the resort staff when we arrived at the airport. 

The resort asked us to wait in their special sitting area for the car to drive us to the resort. While waiting we were given hot eucalyptus oil infused cloths to freshen up.!

Once I was at the resort I was in awe. I know I should be used to the high standard Stampin Up sets for their incentive trips but I didn't expect the resort to feel quite so luxurious. Here's some photos 

I have this amazing two story loft room but the best part of my hotel room is the open air shower in the bathroom. It seems so movie star-ish to shower in the privacy of our room yet still outside so I can smell the tropical air. This photo does not really show the open air portion very well. 

We ended the evening dining by the beach at a seafood BBQ buffet on the resort and watching the nightly fire show. 
Kevin and I are tired from the long travel but so excited to be here!


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    1. I know Judy! I am just floored...and stampin Up presence hasn't even started yet! This is just the resort!!!

  2. Another wow!! Love the shower and enjoy the deserve it.