Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thailand Achievers Blog Hop

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this achievers blog hop.
Thanks for popping in. You may be starting here at my blog or you may have hopped here from another blog. Either way, make sure you continue to follow the sequence listed below so you don't miss anything! 
The theme this month are highlights from the Thailand incentive trip. 
There were many highlights and not enough time or space to share them all however I will focus today on the final night event. 
The evening started with lining up for the buses. Of course we tried to meet up with friends. The fun of Stampin' Up friendship is that you can start with a few friends and then it grows and grows. Part of the Stampin' Up experience are the friendships after all!! From left to right: Hattie, Zahra, Jessica and myself

Our husbands...who happily chat together as well!

Still waiting for the buses and now joined by Kylie...

Still waiting for the buses and now joined by Cynthia and Jackie.

The final evening did not disappoint! We were greeted with traditional Thai music, dancers, fancy drinks, a fresh floral bracelet and the Stampin Up staff. What a welcome! 

Once we officially entered the venue the view was breathtaking. A grand and brightly lit mansion, colourful stalls left and right serving traditional Thai cuisine, beautifully decorated tables with cloth napkins and vendors selling their handicrafts. 
The open air tent atmosphere was perfect so we could enjoy the warm, exotic air. 
I have been on several incentive trips but this one felt exceptionally magical. 

This trip was a truly tremendous reward from
Stampin Up.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that sharing stamping would result in a once in a lifetime trip like this. 
It all started by buying the Stampin Up starter kit. 
If you want to start an adventure with Stampin Up, Whether it's to get a discount on the products or to earn an income or to meet new friends or to enjoy once in a lifetime experiences, the starter kit is for you. 
I offer special additional perks for my Team STIC girls. Join the fun today.  The special Christmas in July offer (where you receive an additional $94 in product) from Stampin' Up! ends in just a few days!  The starter kit is truly the BEST DEAL! 

Thanks for dropping in!

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