Monday, July 10, 2017

Stampin Up is in the house!

The official Stampin Up portion of the trip began on the Sunday. Demonstrators from all around the world were due to arrive and you could see the resort and Stampin Up were getting ready in a big way. 
An entire lounge was prepared for checking in guests and all day vans were arriving from the airport. 
I ventured into the lounge because my key had to be reprogrammed since I was technically on two different reservations:my early arrival portion and then the stampin up portion. 
 Check out the desk full of check in portfolios! 

I absolutely loved watching the resort transform into a stampin Up zone. Banner flags popped up along all the walkways, name signs on the doors, even the cups at the bar were changed to reflect the stampin up presence!  At breakfast today there was even a carved cantaloupe bearing the word Stampin Up! 

Yesterday the day was spent relaxing at the beach. It was the first really sunny day so we made sure to take advantage. 
We claimed a big cabana on the beach because although they were normally 6000 Thai baht ($240) per day, we were told we could have it for free since it was a Buddhist holiday and they were not serving alcohol and also in the morning it was cloudy and threatened rain so the manager said we could enjoy it for free. 
We took full advantage inviting our friends to come and join us. 

The afternoon and evening was spent in town enjoying the markets and ambiance of the old Phuket town. 

Today there was a general session to officially welcome us to the incentive trip and then treat us to an introduction of the upcoming holiday catalogue. I am not allowed to show you any pictures of the product or catalogues but I can say that stampin Up was very generous with the amount they gave us for free!!!
There was much excitement! 

Oh there is so much more I want to tell you about today but my eyes are so droopy I must go to sleep. Today was special because of all the friends I have been able to connect with and because I could enjoy seeing My team member zahra enjoy the experiences of her first incentive trip. 
Tomorrow is off to an elephant sanctuary! Can't wait! 


  1. It looks so amazing Gen! I'm so happy you are enjoying this very well deserved trip!

  2. Thanks Kathy! It certainly is a once in a lifetime trip!