Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Break Missions

As many of you know, my husband went off with a church team to serve missions in Nicaragua yesterday.

He's been several times in the past (I've lost count how many times now) but everytime he leaves, I still feel mildly anxious.

Kevin tries to tell me it's no different than when I go off to a Stampin' convention but to me it's different because I'm not the one leaving! Plus, Kevin is like a rock in our home.  He stays steady even if everything is chaotic all around.  I feel out of sorts when he is not home.

Kevin is not unaware of my anxiety about his leaving.  He texted me all day yesterday whenever he could to let me know how things were going.  Simple texts like "boarding the plane now"  "landed in Miami" and things like that were very reassuring.  I was very happy to hear all their luggage arrived with them in Nicaragua.  That was a big answer to prayer because with all the flight connections, it's very easy for baggage to get lost.

He also texted me photos to help me too.

As you can see he is really roughing it in the airline lounge.  I have absolutely no idea how he managed to score lounge access at no charge while I travel all the time and have never once been granted lounge access.

Here's a photo before take off with the Team leader Vern.

And here is with the entire team in Bluefields.  Part of the team had arrived earlier in the week and the second half of the team just arrived.  I think they all felt pleased to be together. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported the team through prayer, financial support and participating in fundraisers. 

To follow their journey, you can read their blog at

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