Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Day

Just wanted to share some photos from my halloween day today.  It's been a great week since my friend and fellow demonstrator Linda came up to visit from Kansas City.  She came up to enjoy my Ladies Retreat weekend but since she was coming from so far, she stayed for a week.  The week has flown by so quickly.
Today we went to walk around Main Street Unionville.  It's a historic street with lots of old houses and history and cute little shops.  The weather was crisp but the sun was shining so it was perfect for a walk.

Our other friend Joanne from Mount Hope Ontario drove up for the day to visit with Linda.  I loved my visit with my stamping friends.  I can talk about stamping, I can talk about my family I can talk about whatever I want and they seem to always understand.

We stopped at the Old Firehall Confectionary.  There are such luscious treats in that store!!! I bought the kids some beautiful candy apples.  The chocolate coating around those apples were practically iridescent.  They were so lovely I couldn't resist buying them for the kids.

I couldn't just give them to the kids though...I had to make a cute tag of course.

Joanne and Linda bought my kids some treats too.  We ran home and quickly put them in a basket to present to the kids when they got home from school.  It's always fun to craft for loved ones.  It doesn't have to be hard or complicated.  It's just an extra little touch to show someone you care.   Why don't you craft a treat for a loved one today!

Can't resist sharing a photo of my daughter in her halloween get up.  She was a mix of everything.  An m&m wearing a cat mask and an angry bird hat.
Okay honey...whatever makes you happy!
Hope you all had a fun halloween day just like me!

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