Thursday, May 19, 2016

Some Barcelona Adventures

Hello! As many of you know, I am about to embark on a Mediterranean cruise courtesy of Stampin Up as a reward for my business performance last year. 
What a great way to get rewarded! I even get to bring one guest. This year my youngest son was the lucky family member who got to come along. He is the only family member who hasn't yet experienced a Stampin Up incentive trip. 
I figured, since i was being flown all the way to Barcelona to board the cruise, I may as well arrive early in order to take in the sights of the city first. 
My friend Christi also decided to fly in early and we are having great fun hanging out together before the cruise. 
Christi and her husband John flew out from Texas and connected onto the same flight that Nathaniel and I were on. 
Initially, Nathaniel loved the flight. He was so excited he couldn't stop talking. He raved about the meal he was served and thought it was delicious and was very impressed that it even included dessert and little salt and pepper package with the napkin. :). He became frustrated with the flight later as he was tired and he knew he was supposed to sleep but he just couldn't get comfortable in the seat. 
We flew through the night and arrived in Barcelona early the next morning. We didn't waste any time and started to see the sights. 
We walked along a main promenade called La Rambla and came upon a decorative fountain that has been around for more than a century. Legend has it that if you drink from this fountain, it guarantees that you will return to beautiful Barcelona.  

Our walk also brought us to the colorful market. It's full of fresh foods of all kinds! We have been going to the market everyday to buy fruit or sandwiches or to just browse the many food stands. 

The next few days have been spent exploring different attractions and historical sites. 
The work of architect, Antoni Gaudi features prominently in the city so we have been visiting several of his works. 
One of his masterpiece works is still under construction. It is the Sagrada Familia. It is an amazing cathedral, 
Today we went to the Pablo Picasso museum. (Did you know the famous Picasso spent his youth in Barcelona?) we also went to Park Guell which again showcases the work of architect Gaudi. 

I am enjoying the beautiful weather and especially enjoying the abundance of local food options. (Don't be surprised if I come home 10 pounds heavier). I am trying to help my son gain an appreciation for travel by encouraging him to try the local food. I'm not having much luck. The first day he chose a crispy chicken option which was basically chicken nuggets, yesterday he chose a deep fried fish which were codfish croquettes with French fries. Today he orders a bacon cheeseburger. :) 
Well, that's the rundown for now. 
If I get the chance I will post more another day! In the meantime, I will leave you with a scenic view of the city!

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