Saturday, May 14, 2016

Celebration Weekends

Just thought I'd share some photos from the last two weekends.
Last weekend I enjoyed celebrating mother's day by escaping with the family to Ottawa.  It was wonderful family time.  Part of the reason we went to Ottawa was to enjoy poutine fest.  Yes.  Imagine.  A whole festival devoted to poutine.  We had a great time.

When in Ottawa, I try to see if I can connect with friend and fellow demonstrator Cynthia.  I still am amazed at how my Stampin' Up! journey has brought me such enduring and meaningful friendships.  
We met up with Cynthia and her husband at the poutine fest.  I had no time to make anything for her so I figured bringing her a copy of my new catalogue to look at would be gift enough. 

There were trucks selling all different kids of poutine.  I had the macaroni and cheese poutine, Cynthia had some kind of mexican kind sprinkled with doritos chips (she let me eat all the chips).  Kevin had a souvlaki style poutine.  My oldest son had a double cheeseburger with bacon poutine.  My daughter had classic poutine and my youngest...he wanted poutine without the cheese curds. We tried to explain to him that he was missing an essential ingredient since without cheese curds it wasn't poutine at all...only fries and gravy.  :-)

This weekend Kevin and I decided to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary since I will be in Barcelona next week during our actual anniversary day.
It was great!  We got a hotel downtown and went to the Royal Ontario Museum.  Did you know that until June there is something called ROM Friday Night Live?  Basically the museum becomes a giant dance club.  You can browse the artifacts, buy food from a variety of vendors and dance the night away.  Last night was Dino themed night.

The getaway kind of reminded me when we were dating and Kevin would drive up to Kington where I went to university and we would do fun things like go to dance clubs.  I guess the difference this time is that we seemed a bit out of touch with the dance club scene and didn't recognize much of the music.  :-)
I guess it's called getting older. 
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 

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