Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aloha! We've Arrived!

Of course I just have to share the highlights of each day when I'm enjoying a Stampin' Up! incentive trip!  It is totally worth the "hard work" of stamping when I get pampered with these luxury vacations.  (I put hard work in brackets because I'm really not sure if you can count my hanging out with wonderful women and chatting and stamping can be rightfully called work but anyway...)
This trip is special because my sweetheart husband came with me!  Because of Kevin's work, he usually is not able to attend and I have brought one of my children in the past.  It was actually "my baby's" turn this time around but he got bumped when Kevin said he could come.
Many people have asked me what Kevin will do when I am working at the conference.  Let me clarify.  This trip is not a working trip.  This trip is a pampering reward from Stampin' Up! It is not a conference.  It is a vacation!  The only plan is to do whatever we want!
Here we are on the plane full of anticipation!

After about 12 hours of travel we arrived!

The feeling of pampering begins as soon as we arrived at the hotel.  There were giant Stampin' Up! banners wrapped around the pillars and a huge banner welcoming all the trip achievers.
After we unpacked, the first stop was the Hospitality Room.  Every trip Stampin Up! sets up a room that is beautifully decorated where we can hang out and chat with people and play some sort of game where the rules mean nothing but always involves some kind of gift.  This time we got to spin a prize wheel and I received some new designer series paper and a pretty sarong.

The room is also filled with Candy.  Yum!

After the hospitality room, Kevin and I decided to walk around outside and get the lay of the land.  Kevin also wanted to hit some local stores as he left his sunglasses at home as the bright sun bugs his eyes. 
Here's a view from the beach.  It's basically the same view we get from our room balcony.
After walking along the main strip and Kevin being unable to find an acceptable pair of sunglasses, we returned to our room to find our first pillow gift on the bed. 

Inside the pretty bag were these sunglass cases!  
How absolutely perfect!  Kevin had a big smile, we gave each other high fives and marveled at how perfect the pillow gift was and how generous stampin' up is to give such a gift.  (in case you don't know, Maui Jim's are high end sunglasses)

After dinner we lined up for our sunglasses.  A perfect time to socialize with everyone!  There's only about 25 of us Canadians that earned the trip.  Here's myself with a couple of my Canadian Stampin' sisters: Rose Marie Coleman and Kay smith.
We finally collapsed into bed tired and happy after a very long day.
Thank you so much to all your support that makes a trip like this possible!  I'm having a great time!
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