Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lost and found

I was helping a new Team Stic girl with her first stamping demonstration. She really wanted to share stamping with other ladies at her church in hopes that they could form a group to make and send cards to people in the congregation.
Of course when designing her cards, I went right to the Trust God stamp set. 
When I looked at the set closely I realized my favourite stamp from that set was missing. It was the sentiment that says:You're a blessing in my life.
I had no time to look for it so this is the card I designed for her party.

A couple of days later when I had time I was trying to ponder where and how I could have lost a stamp from the set.  I don't use that set as much as I want to so it was really stretching my brain to figure out where it could have gone.  I had to resort to checking each one of my wood mount cases to check if it had gotten put into another case by accident.  I finally found it in one of the other sets.  I was so happy.
I had to take some left over pieces and use the stamp right away.  

Then, I happened to look over at my big shot bag lying on the floor and I saw the side zipper open.  When I went over and looked closer, I found my big craft scissors that I designate just for ribbon cutting.  They are like the cadillac of scissors. (item 108360) These scissors were "lost" for many many months.  I had actually given up hope of every finding them.  Double happiness!  

That's all.  Just had to share my lost and found stories.  :-)

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