Saturday, January 31, 2015

The fun continues: day 2 leadership

What a full day yesterday!  Morning sessions focused on recognition and my friend Dawn Griffith was called to the stage to celebrate her million dollar sales achievement.  She is super sweet so I was very proud of her.  I was equally proud and pleased to cheer for team S.T.I.C girl Brenda who walked the stage for a promotion this past year.

After recognition, it was time for some stamping presentations.  There was so many super cute ideas my brain was boggled!

After the general session, there was a small window of time before I had to run off to the advisory board reunion luncheon.  I had planned some special swap cards for the girls at the luncheon but hadn't stamped them yet.  I ran over to an area where I knew there were some tables and I saw another girl stamping swaps so I asked if I could sit with her since I was in the same boat.  (I figured mad last minute stampers should stick together).  I pulled out all my stuff and started stamping madly.  Meanwhile my girlfriend Christi thought it would be a great time to catch up and chat so she was texting me.  I told her I would love to chat so she came to meet me and of course helped me with my swap.  Then her downline came and started helping me and then the girl I sat with started helping me too.  Stamping friends new and old are just so kind and helpful!   Yup.  Swaps finished just in time for lunch.

The advisory board reunion lunch was a special treat hosted by Stampin' Up!  It was perfect.  There was great food, great friends and even a beautifully wrapped gift at each spot.

It's become a tradition with my gang of friends that we do a shoebox swap at Leadership.  A shoebox swap is when you prepare all the pieces for a card and then get together and swap shoeboxes and stamp.  So although I prepared everything for 10 of the same card, I left with 10 completed cards

A perfect time to relax and chat and stamp!

We had a quick dinner and ran off to the evening stamping session.  More amazing, mind boggling stamping ideas. Brenda wins prize patrol!

Whew what a full day yesterday!  I'm off for today and having a great time! 

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