Saturday, November 29, 2014

A lump in my throat

I received this beautiful card in the mail last week. As soon as I saw the envelope and the return address I felt a little achy in my heart. I had a customer, Arlene, who had recently passed away after a long battle with cancer and the card was from her husband. 
I loved stamping with this lady. She was a long time crafter before she met me but she would still come out to stamp especially if it was a new catalogue launch. When she started having more treatments and more unwell days, her very good friend and neighbour started hosting a private class (mostly I think to bring some stamping escapism for Arlene since it was harder for her to be out for longer periods and also with private classes we could pick a date that would work for Arlene and her treatments)
When I read the heartfelt words from her husband in the card, I got a lump in my throat...especially at the sentence that said: "Arlene always looked forward to your cardmaking sessions"
I always looked forward to seeing her and she will be missed by me. 

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  1. OMGosh that gave me a lump also. Being a demo my self I can only imagine picking this up in the mail. I think there would have been tears. How thoughtful of this dear lady's husband. A card to be cherished, for sure, Genevieve