Friday, December 30, 2016

Me Ski?

I love holidays because it's a reason to enjoy special time with my family.  We planned to try skiing together as a family.
Kevin has been skiing for many years...probably since he was a teenager and my oldest son Ethan knows how to ski.  Michelle has picked up the basics and I knew my youngest would have no problem learning because he learns everything quickly.
The problem with the family skiing idea was me.  I knew if this family ski vacation failed it would be my fault because I have never been good at physical activity.
I am generally uncoordinated.  I have come to accept it.

I had tried skiing years and years ago and had two lessons which were not helpful as I still have painful memories about rolling down the hill.  There were actually red stains on the slopes from the dye from my jacket.  Kevin joked that he could always tell where I had been because from the ski lift he could see the red stains in the snow!

I tried again after having kids and that one was slightly more successful but I haven't gone skiing since. (you can read about that experience HERE)

I was really apprehensive about skiing again.  I detest the cold and with my poor physical co-ordination skills I just worried it would be a miserable outing.
I think Kevin sensed my worry since I barely talked.  In my mind I was just trying to convince myself I could learn to ski.
He doted on me like I was another child making sure my rental boots were fitting properly and he walked me to my designated lesson spot and he kept smiling and patting me.  I think he was trying to reassure me because I think he knew I was trying to enjoy this activity "for the family" but that I would rather be napping or crafting.
Here we are.  Can you see my apprehension?

Even though it was Nathaniel's first time skiing he did not share my apprehension.  He was making comments like "this is going to be so much fun"  He was very chipper and smiley. 

My ski instructor was also very chipper and positive.  His goal was to help me enjoy skiing.  I could tell right away because he basically commanded Kevin to give his ski mask to me so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with the wind on my face. 

Two hours of ski lessons on two bunny hills and I loved it! 
I feel this could be a new family activity! I didn't fall at all and I didn't injure myself! 
I kept saying how much fun it was!
Here I am after my lesson with other fellow novice skiiers. 

I'm ready to hit the hills again and hopefully upgrade myself to a hill slightly harder than a bunny hill. 
I hope you are having some fun adventures over the holidays too! 
Thanks for dropping in! 

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