Thursday, April 23, 2015

hawaii travel packet

I suddenly woke up this morning realizing I forgot to post my Watch it Wednesday video yesterday!  I had the video all ready since Monday too!  Oh well, here's the video for this week.  It shows off what I received delivered to my door recently!

Here's a close up of the luggage tags!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

After I showed the team S.T.I.C girls the video, they asked if I got luggage tags for every incentive trip with Stampin' Up!  I sure do!  I suddenly thought it would really be nice if I saved each one so a couple of days ago I was tearing apart my bedroom looking for the past luggage tags from each trip I've earned through Stampin' Up!  as well as the travel packet from each trip.  I am happy to report I found them all.  Now I guess I'll have to make or buy a nice box to hold them all.  Just looking at the tags brought back such nice memories. Fortunately I have made a scrapbook of all the trips so far and I'm so glad!  I can always look back at the pictures and journal notes.  (shameless plug: May 4th is the next memories matter scrapbooking class.  Make 3 scrapbook pages that you can drop your pictures into right away!  Come every month and after a 10 month club term, you will have a full album! Come to scrapbook class!  Pay as you go or join club!)

I treasure each trip because I know that the privilege of going on these awesome trips is truly a gift from God and I am thankful I have such a supportive family, friends, team members, and customers.  Who would've thought I would enjoy such amazing perks!  I just wanted to buy more stamps at a discount! Grin. 

Do you remember my blog post HERE when they announced the next trip in May 2016 is a Mediterranean cruise?  I'm happy to report that I've earned that trip as well and will be taking my youngest son.  He's pretty pumped!  

I hope you have some exciting things coming up in your future too!  If you don't think you do, then come stamp with me.  It's a pretty fun time!  :-)

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