Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a Week!

All I can say is What a week!  It all started on Friday morning last week when I was gearing up for a weekend of workshops.  (I have made a commitment to now only do workshops one weekend a month so that I can ensure I have the majority of weekends available for my family.  This means sometimes I will do multiple events in one weekend rather than spreading it out over several weekends.) I don't think I was particularly stressed about it or anything but Friday my mouth started breaking out in lots of canker sores.  It was ugly.  I've had one, two maybe three at a time before but never like this.  I must've had 50 in my mouth at once.  It was unbelieveable.  I could barely talk and I was in PAIN.  I couldn't eat since the pain was so bad.  All I could do was take motrin, rinse with salt water every now and then and pray.  Because I love doing workshops and I love the energy at workshops and I had some Team Stic help, I managed to make it through but my family saw my pain.  I couldn't do much around the house or with the kids.  It's amazing how pain in one seemingly small part of your body can suck the energy out of your whole being.
By Monday I decided to go to the doctor who suspected it was either something I ate or some kind of virus.  I really have to find a new family doctor.  I was there about 4 hours so I managed to get home just in time to get the kids from school, cook dinner and then run to the basement to cut the paper for technique class.  That's why I was late setting up girls and probably sounded like I had cotton in my mouth!  So sorry! (on another note, I was SOOO happy with the reinker techniques I played with!)
After my string of stamping events finished, I started to let the reality of Kevin going away sink in.  Obviously I had known for months that Kevin was heading off to Nicaragua again for missions work but I didn't want to think about it.  I didn't want to fret and worry about it.  I am a suck.  I am so dependent on my husband and I miss him when he goes to work. (I am not an independent woman of the new millenium...I know)   I was not looking forward to being without him for over a week but I know that he's doing what he needs to do and I really do support him in this adventure.  I also intellectually know that he is just as much in God's care there as he is here but emotionally I know I will miss him. 
So, here he is all packed and ready to go:

Thankfully I am now doing much better.  My mouth is pretty much all healed.  I didn't know but Kevin had asked people to pray for me last week.  I saw my friend Paul at church today and the first thing he said is that he's been praying for my mouth.  Giggle.  Not your usual Sunday morning greeting!  I had no idea he even knew but I appreciated the thoughts.
So far the first few days without Kevin have been uneventful.  The kids and I have loved reading his blog ( and talking to him via Skype.  It's not so bad when we can hear his voice and see his smile. We also got invited to dinner by some friends.  A group of them often get together for potluck and perhaps out of pity for me, they decided to invite me to join them this week.  Of course I jumped at the chance to socialize with friends while Kevin was away and I thought it would be fun for the kids to play with other kids.  Keeping busy helps the time to go faster.
I was so thankful to be included in the social gathering, I thought I must make something for each of the families.  Just a small token of appreciation...
Here's what I made.  It's just a simple treat cover.  Inside is a cellophane bag with chocolate covered blueberries.

Well, so now starts a new week.  I'm thankful for friends, I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with my kids and I'm thankful for good health.

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