Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clear Mount Comments

It's time to have a frank clear mount conversation. It's no secret that I am a wood mount fan mostly because when I'm ready to stamp, I don't want anything to slow me down. The need to mount the rubber on the clear block is just an extra step I don't like to do. As well, I have had problems with the rubber falling off my clear block at the most inopportune times. (I know, I know, this doesn't seem to happen to anyone else but me...I was watching all those clear mount junkies at leadership and none of them seemed to have any problems!)
I have considered going solely wood but there are some significant benefits to clear mount such as the ability to see through the block for positioning and the cheaper price.
So, here are the tips I've learned to try to keep my rubber securely on my clear block when stamping.
I thought I would share these tips thinking maybe, just maybe, I am not the only one who has problems...

1) Make sure the clear block and cling back of the stamp is clean. Do everything possible to prevent hand oils from getting onto the block face or the cling back.

2) If needed use windex or stampin' mist to clean the block and cling backing.

3) To adhere the stamp to the block, first place the stamp rubber down on the table then huff on the block then press the block onto the cling backing.

If these do not solve your problems then you can resort to my new strategy: I have placed a little bit of two way glue pen on the cling backing. I waited to make sure that the two way glue was dry and then it's perfect. That little extra bit of non-permanent stickiness is all that is needed. Now I am happier with my clear mount stamps.
Two way glue pen is a girls best friend. So many uses for this little inexpensive crafting tool.
**Did you know? Two way glue is named as such because it can be used two ways:
1) when first applied it is blue and gives a permanent bond.
2) When applied and left to dry it turns clear and then it gives a "post it note" kind of bond.

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  1. Great tips Gen! I was starting to feel the same about clear mount, but when I cleaned my block with windex - what a difference!