Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Retreat Recap

I love my Ladies retreat Weekend.  It's all about providing a pampering weekend to women.  It's about providing a break from the stresses of life.  It's about providing space to rest, laugh, craft, and socialize.
I rent a hotel ballroom in Midland and get it all set up so the ladies can hang out and craft and chat to their heart's content.
Doesn't that sound dreamy?

The drive up to Midland goes by quickly.  It always makes me smile driving up when I see "Stamp Sideroad"  Really!  It's a real side road on the way to the hotel.

Here's the room set up. I really like this room because it's so spacious.  I think spacious helps with the relaxing atmosphere that I am going for. Throughout the weekend the women can do whatever they want.  They have access to all my tools, they can use the hotel swimming pool, they can nap...well, you get the idea...

I am so blessed to have great helpers on Team S.T.I.C and friends who help make this event possible.  For the weekend Team S.T.I.C girl Melissa came.
She had a perpetual smile and also made some beautiful decorations.

The weekend is a perfect place for friends to reconnect and visit.

It's also a place to meet new friends.  I have an icebreaker game to find your retreat twin. These ladies discovered they had many things in common so now they are retreat twins. I think they kind of look alike too!

I love to give little treats and pampering touches throughout the weekend to remind the ladies how special they are.

I was surprised to discover that someone took the time to make me little pillow gifts as well!  I would return to my seat and there would be a little treat!!

I kept asking everyone if they were my secret friend. The mystery wasn't solved until Sunday.  It was team S.T.I.C girl Sheena.  She's come to several retreats so she knew she would be getting little gifts and she told me she thought I should get little gifts too.  Isn't that super sweet???

I like to try different things so this time we had Stampin' bingo.  12 ladies signed up and it was super fun!

The excitement really increased in the game when there was a tie for bingo.  The tiebreaker was a rock paper scissors session.

Amanda was the big grand prize winner!

Normally I have a consolation prize bucket for the one who doesn't win the rock paper scissors round but I forgot to bring it to the retreat.  So I explained to Rachel that I would find another gift to give her.  She asked if she could have the already open, half full bottle of fine tip glue.  This would make her very happy.  How could I say no?  Of course you may have my half full bottle of glue as your consolation bingo prize!

I felt very pleased to have made her so happy.

Of course you can't have a retreat without food!  The food was delicious!  We enjoyed a taco bar, and other wonderful treats.

We can't forget the joy that stamping brings over the weekend too!  Can't you see the joy in these smiles?

I'm so grateful for the ladies who come to the retreat weekend.  It's these ladies that make the weekend so special! 

All packed up and already can't wait for the Fall retreat.  Save the date for October 27th.  Hope you can join us!

 Contact me today if you want to sign up.  Here's the details:
October 27-29th.  Cost: $185 plus hst
$85 deposit reserves your spot.  with the final balance due September 27th.

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