Saturday, March 18, 2017

The March Break Week.

Well this week is almost over and Kevin is due to come home around midnight tomorrow. (Read about the mission team's adventures HERE)  I'm thankful to say that I've survived the week so far and enjoyed the time with the kids.  Here's a run down of all our adventures over the week.

One child attended a birthday party at legoland.  The party was about 4 hours long so I after I dropped him off I sat in the mall and just enjoyed time to myself.

The middle of the week was the big adventure of skiing.  (If you're not familiar with my skiing story, you can read about it HERE)
I really wanted to go skiing again before the season ended since I feel I am still in the learning phase and the only way to learn is to practice more.
I was happy to discover that one of our friends from church was also considering going skiing with her kids this week so we decided to go together. It was much more fun together since the kids who wanted to go on the bigger hills could go together and the rest of us could still do the smaller slopes.

One of my favourite things about skiing is sitting on the ski lift with my children.   It was very cold when we went but at least the sun was shining!

Thursday night was Open Table at Cornerstone Church.  Thursday night dinner is a common occurrence at my church and the kids love to go because there is room to play and I love it because it's a chance to have some relaxed conversation with new people from the community or others from church.
Plus it means I don't have to cook.
The theme of the evening was All Around the World. The children's ministry leader asked me if I had any stamps that would be relevant as she thought it would be fun to stamp the Kraft table runners with an Around the World theme.
Traveler Stamps to the rescue! I brought all 3 kids to the church early in the afternoon so we could help stamp all the table runners before dinner.  Many hands make light work as they say!

The evening was a great success.  I actually had to bring 5 kids to dinner because I had arranged for the cousins to sleep over that evening.
The kids had a blast running all around the church with the flag scavenger hunt activity.

As usual the food was delicious and the conversation was friendly.  I was able to reconnect with an old friend and there was lively discussion about favourite potato chip flavours.  :-)

There was also a cardio salsa experience.  Here's Enid who teaches the class on Monday evenings at the church.  She has the hip motion that I lack.

Thursday evening we were treated to a surprise when we got home.  There was a package on the front step and it was filled with treats.  I knew it was special delivery from my husband who has discovered the magic of using Amazon Prime.

Kevin continues to send me little texts and photos to reassure me that he is okay.

This is what he texted me on St. Patrick Day.

Isn't the T-shirt a hoot?  He absolutely looks irish in this photo don't you think?

On St. Patrick's Day I had a private class with 7 children.  The mom thought it would be fun to host a neighborhood party and invited me to come and do the St. Patrick day crafts.  Didn't she do a great job decorating her home for the kids?

Here's a cute card we made using the Cookie Cutter Christmas Stamp set. (supply list below).  The Santa Claus in the stamp set turned into a leprechaun for this card! (That great idea from fellow demonstrator Kristen Gill)
I love it when a stamp image can be turned into something different than expected!

I hope you have had a good week too! 
Thanks for dropping in!

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