Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Many Happenings of March

Just thought I would make a post about all that has happened in March since I returned from Victoria.  March has been a whirwind of activity!
The Saturday after I arrived home, Kevin headed off with a team to do some service work in Bluefields Nicaragua.
Our church has been sending a team for 12 years and Kevin has gone about 4 of those years.  This year Kevin was leading the team since the usual leader, Vern was staying home as he has a brand new baby.
Here is Kevin the morning of his departure.  He was all ready with his Verbo t-shirt on. (Verbo is the name of the church that we partner with in Nicaragua)   We had a little coffee date at McDonalds while the kids were at a program.  Some years I miss him very badly so I was treasuring each minute with him.

Once Kevin had left and i was getting ready for bed, I saw he had eaten the last of his valentines macrons before he left and had thrown the packaging in the garbage. 
I had an intense desire to stick my hand in the garbage and rescue that beautiful wide striped ribbon.  Do I have a problem?  Or would you have had the same desire?  
In case you are wondering, I left it in the garbage.  :-)

You can read about the Nic 12 team's adventures on their blog:
They did a variety of activities but one thing that has become a bit of a tradition is going to Casa Materna which is a maternity house for women so they can be closer to the hospital.  I think many of the women are not in stable family situations and there are even girls as young as 13 there.  The team goes in to provide a spa day as a way to show God's love and care to them.  Hair is washed and nails are painted.  Everyone participates and the feedback is that the ladies really enjoy the attention.

Other March break activities included going to the zoo, watching Zootopia at the movie theater and then going for Beach Night Thursday dinner at Church. Beach night was super fun!  We even had a steel drum band and fancy drinks!

Of course March has to involve stamping!  (it is the last month of sale-a-bration after all!) 
I did 4 private classes in 3 days! (I figured I would jam it in right at the end of March break before Kevin came home)  It was only manageable because awesome Team S.T.I.C girls came and helped at each one.  I also got very organized with the packing and unpacking.  
The kids spent some quality time with my mom and were very understanding about my stamping responsibilities. It was so funny as one of them exclaimed "Another stamping party???? Is there a special on or something?"  I told them it was sale-a-bration and it cracked me up that they nodded as if they completely understood and didn't complain at all about my mad cutting and packing. 

Here's a couple of the cards we stamped:
This one I copied from Brian King.  Everyone loved the simplicity and the colour combo.

This one uses the Perfect Pairings Stamp set and glitter tape: Both exclusive items during sale-a-bration. 

Sunday at midnight, Kevin came home, crashed into bed and went to work bright and early the next morning.  Like a great husband who knows his wife...he brought home Nicaraguan chips as a souvenir.  I do love chips...

The rest of the time has been celebrating my youngest son's birthday over and over and over! 
We celebrate with just our family, then there's the party with school kids, then there's another party with grandparents, uncles and cousins.  
it's like we've been celebrating this kids birthday for a whole week! 

March isn't over yet!  I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday church tomorrow and getting ready for the Sale-a-bration finale!  
If you haven't RSVP'd for the event yet, don't miss it!  I've started making the gifts and have ordered a special cake!  RSVP today! 

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