Saturday, July 19, 2014

Inspire Create Share Day 3

The day opened with a general session where they first announced the next Stampin' Up! incentive trip.  To give a little background to help you better understand, Stampin' Up! rewards demonstrators with an all expense paid luxury vacation for two to a predetermined destination when the demonstrator earns a set number of points. (varies depending on country).  In my opinion, earning this amazing incentive is not easy and involves commitment and hard work but it is achievable.  Ever since I sort of accidentally earned my first incentive trip a few years ago, I realized that this trip was a wonderful reward to myself and my family for working hard at something I love to do and share.  The earning period for the next trip runs from July 1st to June 30th.  So we are currently right at the beginning of a new stampin' up year.
We were waiting in anticipation for the announcement of the new destination. Stampin' Up! shared a video to help announce the destination.  Here's the video of what happened yesterday morning.

Pretty much pandemonium erupted in the auditorium when the words Mediterranean Cruise showed up on the screen.  You can hear all of us screaming.  I'm almost embarrassed to share the video but it was too funny to not share with you.  I do feel like I need to let all of you know that I appreciate all the support you bring to my business and please know that I work hard at my Stampin' business because I truly believe that each person I meet has worth and value and I choose to serve you wholeheartedly with my time, creativity and stamps, ink and paper.    I would continue to work hard whether an all expense paid trip was offered or not but since a trip to Europe is there for the taking, I will be aiming to earn it!  :-)

I bumped into my friend Christi Beck right after the general session.  We just spent a wonderful week cruising the Caribbean on the most recent Stampin' Up! trip in May and when she saw me she was squealing and shouting that we needed to go on this trip together.  We headed over to a special photo booth that Stampin' Up! had set up for us to celebrate our past year's achievement and we chatted and laughed and generally enjoyed the thrill of the possibility of going on a luxury cruise with ports in France, Spain and Italy.  
Here we are with another friend Megumi. 

It's been absolutely spectacular to enjoy this convention with my Team S.T.IC girls.  My roommate Brenda actually has been providing me with pillow gifts each day just for fun.  Isn't she sweet?

Here we are dressed up to head to awards night.

It's always a mystery who will be in the top 20 in Canada and earn the coveted Founder's Circle retreat.  I was humbled and honoured to have been one of the names called last night.  Here's a blurry picture of my walking the stage and receiving the traditional Founders Circle purse.

A sweet farewell to us: outgoing advisory board members.  What a year!  We were a bit teary thinking that our special term of service was over but so blessed to have gotten to know my advisory board sisters so much better.  They are a great group of kind hearted women. 

This journey would be nothing without the people that are involved along the way.  My dear friend and fellow Team S.T.I.C girl Marian has been a bright light to me.  She talks to me regularly and supports me in an emotional way because it's not unusual for me to feel a bit overwhelmed with my life and Stampin' business but after talking and praying with her I always feel uplifted.  So special that she was able to come to convention with me although she misses the last day since she's going on a service trip to Honduras today. 

After awards night was the after party.  We had a bit of fun. :-)  I even did some line dancing!
And I'll end this post with a pretty card I received last night from Stampin Up!.  I love this card.  You might see it at a future sweet and simple class.  Come create with me!  I love sharing stamping and friendship with you.