Monday, January 27, 2014

Tomorrow's the day!

Oops I missed posting yesterday! Sorry! I started posting and then got distracted watching tv with my husband.  Here's a fun story about my weekend.  This past weekend a second cousin of mine got married.  They announced their engagement two weeks ago when I was in Houston and managed to pull off a lovely wedding this past weekend.  Amazing.

The ceremony and reception was at a lovely restaurant in North York called Auberge du Pommier (or something like that...)  I was sitting enjoying the wedding when suddenly I thought of something that nearly made me start laughing hysterically.  I had to muffle my laughter during the serious exchange of vows.  Fortunately I don't think anyone noticed.
I think I need to share what caused my near hysteria.  Let's go back many years.  Maybe 7 years.  My cousin (who is the groom in the above picture) arrives in Canada from China.  He speaks mandarin and very very little English.  We are having dinner together with my parents and making polite conversation.  My cousin's name is Zhi Guo.  I suggest that perhaps he may want to consider having an English name as it would be easier for me to pronounce it and that's what I've heard many people do when they come to Canada.  For example, my mother's name is Chung Suk but when she moved to Australia she picked the name Sophia for herself.  So, without any thought, I told Zhi Guo I would begin to call him George.  I randomly picked this name as it sort of distantly sounded similar to his Chinese name.  Being an easy going fellow, Zhi Guo went along with me.  I continued to call him George and when my mom talks to me about him she refers to him as George.  I felt some remorse once when I took George to an ESL class and I met another fellow from China.  He had given himself the English name of Brett because he researched the top successful professional names and Brett was on the top of the list.  I felt kind of bad that I had saddled my cousin with a name that I had given no thought to at all.  I worried that I destined him for a life of working in a hamburger joint as this is the job that comes to mind when I hear the name George. Anyway, wouldn't you know, at the wedding ceremony, the caucasion minister they hired performs the whole ceremony in English and refers to my cousin as George the whole time.  All the special vows and everything...George.  Such a serious occasion and the name being used is the one I randomly picked for him!  During the reception my mom shows me the invitation (George didn't know my address so just sent the invite to my mom). Right on the front of the invitation: George.  Okay, maybe it's just me but I just find it so funny. 
So transitioning Can Craft Valentines class...
Here's a cute treat we're going to make....It uses the Love You to the Moon stamp set.
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Woohoo!  I love free!

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