Sunday, September 22, 2013

Founders final day

Yesterday was a relaxing one. I attempted to go for a jog (to try to ease the guilt for all the eating I've been doing) but gave up after a short time as I had trouble breathing (I will blame that on the altitude not my lack of fitness ha ha) then went to the pool and hung out in the hospitality room to do my make n takes. Several people had put out share samples to inspire, here's a couple that caught my eye!

The final night event is always a mystery but we were told it was country western theme. My new friend Christi and I managed to find matching country type shirts to wear since we didn't think to pack any country wear.
We loaded onto the buses by teams. (On the first day we were assigned team names...I was in the sugar babies)
We were taken to a real live working cattle ranch. 

In our teams we played all the activities the ranch had to offer. We were given stampin up prizes at each of the stations!
Here I am jumping on a giant air pillow.,.

Learning to lasso a pretend bull

Can I comment that there were young handsome cowboys everywhere? With 120 female demonstrators and the silly atmosphere, it seems that our team girl nancy could not restrain herself and instead of focusing on her lassoing lesson, she made sure to get her hands on the cowboy! She was nicknamed "cougar" for the rest of the evening. The poor young cowboy was clearly flustered and embarrassed and turned a cute shade of pink!
Don't worry I'm well aware that I've got the best cowboy waiting for me at home. Smile. 


Rubber duck racing...
A fabulous dinner

Saying goodbye to friends..,
The evening ended with a beautiful beautiful pillow gift. 
A lovely bracelet with a horseshoe charm. 
This morning I felt so sad to leave. I also had trouble packing all the extra goodies!!! 
Just now pam Morgan (vp) came to say goodbye and let us know again how much we are appreciated and loved. It was sweet of her to say it in person but she didn't need to. I felt the love all week. 
If you want to be a part of this amazing family, please let me know. It's so easy to join!

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  1. So proud of you and your accomplishments! I can't wait to see what this year brings you :)
    Much Love! ~Lauren Winemiller