Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Real Life Stampin'

I sometimes wonder if people think I stamp because of my stamping business and that business is all it's about.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  I stamp because I enjoy it and because I think handmade things are meaningful!  Here's some of my real life stampin that I did today:
I had so many wonderful friends help me with the kids while I was away.  These friends either took my kids to school or picked them up after school so Kevin could stay at work.  I had to bring back little gifts from Fiji to say thank you!  Putting a handmade card with the gift in a Stampin' Up! cellophane bag and tying it up with some fabric or ribbon just made me feel as though I was dressing up their gift a little bit...
This morning during some quiet reflection time I was pondering how I could spend some one on one time with the kids.  I feel they are growing up so fast and I really treasured the one on one time with Ethan while we were away so I wanted more.  I decided to try having each of them come home for lunch once a month.  Yah, I know there's only two months left of school but I figured why not try it now instead of waiting until September when I might forget this great idea.  How shall I tell them about this great plan?  Write it in a card of course!  I had a 3X3 love note sized card for each of them where I explained their lunch date.  (e.g. Michelle will be the second Friday of the month etc)
I could tell they loved it and were excited about the plan.
(the cherries are from the retiring Button Buddies set)
Now, I should be cleaning my stamp room but I couldn't resist starting to scrapbook my pictures from Fiji.  I wanted to keep it simple so I used the Fan Fair CD which has a 12X12 album template.  I dropped my pictures in and made some changes here and there to suit my taste.  My Digital Studio software is now only $24.95 and there is currently a sale that includes digital downloads and printing services.  I am seriously hoping to finish this album before the sale ends mid-June!  If you think you don't have time to scrapbook or don't want to hoard a lot of supplies, then think about getting the My Digital Studio software.  I'm not a computer whiz at all but I manage to get projects finished and so can you!

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