Saturday, April 27, 2013


Bula! We have arrived happy but tired in Fiji! Everywhere we turn the staff are greeting us with an enthusiastic Bula! (From what I can tell this is like the Hawaiian aloha!...a friendly greeting. I would love to share all the little details of our travel an first day here but we have a couple of unexpected challenges. First, we were told that there was complemtary wifi in the hotel lobby. I assumed this was unlimited but it's only for 30 minutes once a day. I wasted my first day by using it for 5 minutes and then logging off thinking I could log on later and use the remaining time. Wrong. Only one time once a day. Oops.
The second challenge is that our voltage converter that we brought seems not to be working. This means we have no way to charge our devices. Eek! I hope we will figure out a way to overcome these little hurdles so I can keep in touch!
In the meantime here's some pictures and a few experiences so far:
1) our plane to Fiji was big! I'd never heard of a double decker airplane before but that's what this was. We got to climb the stairs to the second level to find our seats.
2) I got to chat with Mary Fish while waiting for the loo in the airplane. (Mary Fish is like the Angelina Jolie of stamping...famous, talented, elegant)
3) I'm loving hanging out with Ethan. We are doing lots of what Ethan loves most, eating, reading, playing the iPad together (that game 4 pics one word is addictive!) we even ordered room service last night because our bodies are not yet in sync with Fiji time and the dining room wasn't open yet.
4) beautiful surroundings. The resort is great! Thanks stampin up!
Thanks for following our adventures and hope to post again tomorrow.

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