Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More convention things

Still thinking about what I great time I had at convention.  Here's a video that Stampin' Up! made to capture the highlights of the event.  I thought I'd share it with you just to give you a small taste of what it's like.  It's really way more fun to be there and see the presentations and people in person but I hope this will be fun and inspiring for you to watch. 
When Kevin watched it he had some questions so just in case you have the same questions, I've put some explanation here:
Q: "Why are people on a bus?"
A: They are on the bus riding to the home office so they can get a tour.

Q: "What's with the animals?"
A: They were trying to give little clues to help us guess where the getaway incentive trip was going to be.  (The getaway trip is to San Diego)

Q: why is she dressed as a witch?
A: Shannon West is dressed as a witch because she is about to demonstrate halloween projects

In replaying the video I notice there is a lot of dancing going on.  I didn't feel like we were dancing a lot when I was there but in retrospect, I guess it's a lot more dancing than my usual boring life!  Dale Hampshire is the guy doing the strange retro dancing near the end.  I can't really recall why exactly but I think it had something to do possibly with celebrating that Stampin' Up! has been in Canada 10 years this year. 

I loved seeing the different team shirts and the male demonstrators flashing their stylish convention bags!
I would totally encourage you to join me next year at Convention 2013.  It will be Stampin' Up! 's 25th anniversary so I'm sure it will be a unique and fun experience.  Trust me, you will not be the first to join the Stampin' Up! family just to go to convention!

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