Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My cute bag!

I can't wait to share my pictures with you.  Here's a picture of the cute leadership bag we received this year!

Seeing such cute, bright fabric couldn't help but make me smile even though I went to bed past midnight and woke up at 5:00am. 
Why did I wake up at 5:00am when there was no main stage presentation today and this is not the crazy convention mentality?  In fact it is still not entirely clear to me but my roomates had set the wake up call for 5:00am because they said we had to meet our other friends at 8:00am.  This was an unsatisfactory explanation to me.  I kept asking in a dopey confused voice why we were waking up at 5:00am.  Nancy had already gotten up and jumped into the shower so Heather was trying to patiently explain that there were three of us in the room and if we each take an hour to get ready, we would need this time.  I still couldn't figure it out.  I tried very hard to make my brain understand while talking to Heather.  I didn't want to sound rude or ungrateful but I was trying to grasp if we were going to wake up at 5am every day.  I also worried that when our 4th roomate arrived, we would have to start waking up at 4 am.  I tried to explain my thinking: that if we were all getting ready at the same time in the morning, we wouldn't need 1 hour plus 1 hour plus 1 hour.  We could just get up 1 hour before we needed to leave.  Heather then patiently explained that we couldn't all be in the shower at the same time.  This still seemed like an unsatisfactory explanation for a 5 am wake up but by this time I gave up trying to understand and just accepted that we were awake for the day.
So, today was bag pick up day and make and take session.  I loved the make n take session.  I managed to complete many of the cards.  Yea!
I also loved the make n take session because I got lots of goodies.  A package of buttons, lucky limeade bakers twine, the beautiful twitterpated paper, the mixed bunch stamp set and so much more!  I also got this beautiful fabric folder that can hold notes, an e-reader (which I don't own) or whatever else I want to put in there.  I loved the My Digital Studio Tag signed by Shelli!

We had a wonderful lunch and I took more pictures.  The other girls have gone shopping but I decided I'd better take a rest otherwise I might crash at Managers Reception tonight.  I'm supposed to be napping but I couldn't wait to show you my little gifts!

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