Saturday, January 21, 2012

More pictures

Hoping that a picture will share a thousand words, here are more pictures from my time here in San Antonio.  I'm currently at the airport gate waiting so we'll see how many pics I can upload before my battery goes...
Of course there were samples and creative inspiration EVERYWHERE

Then there were inspirational talks and demonstrations.  I really enjoyed Shelli's demonstrations. She taught how to make the cutest little treat cover using the framelit label die.  I can't wait to go home to make it since it was so easy.
What I really liked about her demonstration is that it was so natural and not polished.  By this I mean that she made lots of "mistakes" forgetting her scrap paper, stamping when there was a bump under the table so the image wasn't totally clear, forgetting the name of the attic boutique dsp.  For some reason, she was so cute even though her simple project seemed to take a while to make because she seemed to be a bit off.  Generally being human.  You know what? It made me remember that when I'm doing a workshop or class, it's okay that I make tons of mistakes all the time.  I don't know if I"m as endearing as Shelli when making mistakes and being disorganized but it is a good reminder to know that nobody has to be perfect when demonstrating.  Anyone can demonstrate stamping.  (that's my not so subtle plug here for $150 demonstrator starter kit!  :-))
The theme of the conference was "My Way".  Basically the over riding message was that we are all different and will naturally run our stamping classes and events and business in different ways.  Throughout the conference there were lots of demonstrators who shared "their way" of doing things.  It's so true.  With anything in life things are not a one size fits all but in Stampin' Up! there is room for all of our unique differences.  I loved that message.
To highlight that message, the corporate team took turns sharing personal things about themselves and what they love.  Here's Chad the information guy showing that he loves anything with motors.  Yes, it really is a Harley on stage.
This is my third major Stampin' Up! event but the first time I won prize patrol!  Woohoo!  There are gifts they give to all attendees but there are some they only give to some people.  We all had different kind of wrist bands and occasionally they will call a colour pattern combo and anyone with that colour and pattern jumps up and they come and give you your prize.  The very last prize patrol they called out my band colour.  I jumped up and screamed!  I won the apothecary stamp set and framelits!
Apparently I was on the big TV screen at the front but myself or my friends didn't even notice because we were so excited.  Generally how it works when they announce prize patrol is that as soon as the bracelet colour is announced, you know immediately if you have won or not and if you didn't win, you immediately look at your friends to see if any of them are jumping up because if you don't win, the absolute next best thing is for someone in your gang to win.  So I guess we were all excited we didn't even notice I was on the screen. 
After the closing of the general session we went out for dinner and took a boat ride along the river that runs through San Antonio.  It was lovely and at least I can say I did something touristy even though I didn't make it to the Alamo.  It wasn't until I paid for my riverboat ticket and got on the boat, pleased that I managed to fit in a touristy activity, that I suddenly remembered that I get very easily motion sick.  I had a moment of panic worried that I would ruin everyone's experience by barfing on the boat.  I made sure I sat near the rail in case I had to hang my head over the edge.  Fortunately the boat went real slow and in the tiny river the water was very calm. 

As usual, I have to close by saying, that the best part was the friendships and relationships. 
Looking forward to seeing you all back in Canada!

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