Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's cute but what is it?

Here's something I made yesterday trying to come up with crafts for my daughter's birthday.  I thought this was hilarious.  I think I need to tweak the design a bit.  I got the idea off of you tube.  When I showed my family they all thought it was cute but didn't know what the purpose was for.  Hmm, my craft has to have a functional purpose?  Can't we just make it and look at it and think it's cute?
The you tube lady said she made it as a valentines holder so all the kids in the class can put their valentines into the mouth.  So yes, it is supposed to have a purpose but not completely applicable to my daughter's birthday party.  Hmmm back to the drawing board...

I mostly used the circles #2 big shot die to do the eyes and nose.  The teeth were done with the scallop edge punch.

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  1. Hi! I just got back and decided to check your blog really quickly :) Could you fill the bottom of the mouth with those candy conversation hearts and use it as a candy dish? Just a thought!

    See you on Thursday!