Friday, December 3, 2010

Calendar Christmas

For the past month I have been saying that I'm going to make calendars for family members with the kids pictures. I realized that it is now December and I had better get on it if they are going to get here in time for Christmas! I finished it in one afternoon. It's a fast job and I know I could change things here and there but I'm happy because it's a unique, created by Genevieve project. Here's a couple of samples.

This is the cover:

Here is a sample of one of the pages:

And here is a sample of the calender page:

Pretty neat eh? I am loving how My Digital Studio can do so much and that the program just keeps getting new upgrades. On my latest check on updates, I noticed that there is now a journal option. You can create your own customized journal cover and when you order it, a beautiful lined journal will be delivered to your door. Isn't that cool?

Christmas presents for the grandparents? Check! Thanks to My Digital Studio!

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