Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Stampin' girlfriends are the best!

One of  the greatest blessings of my Stampin' Up! journey is the friendships that I have made over the years.
One girlfriend that I have stayed in touch with is Jennifer Cotton.  We met since we were called to the Advisory Board in the same year.

Here's a photo of us when we didn't know each other but were called up to the stage

We didn't know it then but it turns out we have become excellent friends.  Even though she lives in Texas, our friendship has only gotten stronger.  With the greatness of technology we often text each other multiple times in a week.  I admire her because she works so hard at her Stampin' business and 
she may be very quiet and shy but that means whenever she spoke up on our advisory board meetings, I made a point to learn and listen!

With some of the changes to the Stampin' Up events schedule, there seemed to be less opportunity for top demonstrators to gather and learn from each other and less opportunity (excuse) to travel.  So, I suggested to Jennifer that we take a mini getaway once saleabration was over.  I imagined we would relax and chat and maybe even learn some business tips from each other.

We had no idea where to go but settled on Myrtle Beach since neither of us has ever gone before and we figured a destination with the word "beach" in it could not be a bad thing.

She flew from Dallas and I flew from Toronto.  We arranged for the same connecting flight in Charlotte North Carolina and then off to Myrtle Beach!

I'm having a great time.  I've already had at least two uncontrollable laughing fits and have napped, shopped and had several "southern" meals.  I don't know how Jennifer feels but I think this should be an annual trip.  I've even made a hastag for us "jengenadventues" so that when we meet on incentive trips or anywhere else we can search for our photos on social media using our hashtag.

We had a great hotel right on the beach.  This is the view from our hotel room. 

Our hotel lobby seemed to have that clean, fresh, southern charm and it includes breakfast!  (hello biscuits and gravy!) Jennifer and I were very pleased with our choice considering we were both too busy to do much research so we picked a hotel that had good reviews on trip advisor.  We were pretty impressed with this 2.5 star hotel.  Grin.

Anyway, this was all a long introduction to today's watch it wednesday video.  I could NOT figure out how to save my facebook live videos onto you tube and today Jennifer taught me how to do it.  Therefore, here is the facebook live video I did on my facebook group when I came back from the Stampin' Up! On Stage event.  I know some people are not on facebook so you may not have seen it.  If you are on facebook, make sure to be a part of my facebook group so you can stay in touch and see special offers and posts. Join here
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