Friday, February 2, 2018

What a whirlwind!

Whee!!!  Do you ever have those times in your life when there's just so much going on and it's all good and exciting and great but it's just go go go go go?

That's been my past couple of weeks!

Here's a few pictures of what's been happening.

School activities...This was the amazing math race!  It was fun!  The kids went to different rooms and did different math activities.

My dear stampin' friend Linda flew in from Kansas and we were able to enjoy a few days together.  I call Linda my Stampin' mama because she was more experienced with attending stamping events (I met her at my first convention I ever attended).  I just follow her around at the events.  She used to say "one day Gen you'll be up on the stage".  And I would laugh at her and say "no way". 
Maybe she is actually a prophet. Anyway it was lovely to catch up with her.  She is great at chatting and smiling so it's like a ray of sunshine coming to visit.  We then drove to visit our other Stampin' friend, Joanne.  The three of us have a long history of enjoying Stampin' Up! events together.  When you attend stampin' events it's like summer camp.  You sleep together, eat kind of become bonded for life.

More School activities.  Michelle is on the basketball team.  I try to sneak out to see a game here and there but with my schedule it's tricky to make it to every game.  Yesterday I managed to catch one where she got a basket.  The game before that I was literally only able to stay for 5 was squeezed in between picking up a child from piano lessons and heading off to a workshop. Lucky for me Michelle was actually on the court for those 5 minutes so I was able to tell her I saw her play!

Then off to go up north for skiing because that's what Michelle wanted to do with her school friends for her birthday. I am an extremely novice skiier but it was still a great time!

The thing I like about skiing is that Kevin and I can do it together.  All these years of marriage we didn't have a hobby to enjoy together  (unless you count eating at restaurant and eating potato chips together a hobby)  Obviously Kevin is a much better skiier than I but at least we can sit on the chair lift together. 

Then earlier this week was Sweet and Simple card class!  Spa night! 
After some unfortunate experience with a local spa, the original plan of stamping at a spa got changed to having a local salon owner come to my usual location of Markham Baptist Church.  It was a perfect set up!  We had loads of space and I could set up a yogurt parfait bar.  The ladies came and stamped and got paraffin wax treatment.
Everyone's hands were soft as a baby's bum!

Thank you so much Debbie Le Buffe from Grecian Salon who saved the day when my original arrangements fell through.

We had a great time and I just felt so grateful to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  All I could think was Wow!   I GET to do this!  I GET to design cards so other women can enjoy stamping.  I GET to plan out a yogurt parfait bar.  (by the way everyone loved the granola clusters I had. So for the record, it is Quaker Harvest Crunch Honey Nut Granola...Someone texted me to let me know that after the evening I have "upped" her yogurt game.  :-) 

I GET to chat and visit with lovely ladies.  I GET to help women feel pampered.  Man! How much better can it get?

So today was supposed to be all about getting ready for the Creating for Christ event but did you know it was a PA day?
Needless to say I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped.

I may be busy but it's all with good things! 
Hope you enjoyed a slice of my life today!
Happy Friday!  Thanks for dropping in!!

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